Dropbox/OneDrive/pCloud - If Freedom Failed curated v. 2203 #new-distro #curated

Brian Kavanaugh

OTRR curated set If Freedom Failed (v. 2203) (1.83 GB on Windows/26 episodes) is available for download from Dropbox, OneDrive or pCloud. Thanks to all those who made this collection possible. 
This is a new type of set from OTRR - a curated set. These will typically be smaller sets and, while the episodes will have been verified against sources as much as possible, these will not have many of the extras a maintained set normally has. 
IMPORTANT: This is being distributed as one zip file. In Windows, right-click on the file and choose Extract all.
These links will be available for 30 days. 
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8rlg6s5q0ydhn0/If%20Freedom%20Failed%20-%20OTRR%20Curated%20v.%202203.zip?dl=0
OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al5Sbh6lIkj5josqnsi7u7HW2ywxFQ?e=xXZjOG
pCloud: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ4hAXVZAyXiJYKE2j0z69R0WWz3Hj2D7XgX
Series synopsis:
If Freedom Failed is a 26-episode series produced by the Armed Forces Radio Service in 1951. It presents a series of alternate-history stories of American life under a Cold War-era Communist regime. No other information is known about the background or production of this series at this point. These recordings originated with a private purchasing group and are all transfers made by Doug Hopkinson ca. 2015.

Joe Webb <drjoewebb@...>

An impressive list of stars participated in these productions. Here is a list of the recordings:
01 A Matter of Fact (Gregory Peck, Raymond Burr)
02 The Ballplayers (James Whitmore)
03 The Pledge (Jeffrey Silver)
04 The Heavens Fall (Mark Stevens)
05 Danse Macabre (Lloyd Nolan)
06 The Traitor (J Carrol Naish)
07 The Bishop of Springfield (Thomas Gomez)
08 Tears for Miss Bishop (Mercedes McCambridge, Raymond Burr)
09 Suicide By Order (John McIntire)
10 The Monkey's Cage (Walter Kingsford)
11 No Escape (Mala Powers, Raymond Burr)
12 Springfield Revisited (Jay Novello)
13 Circulation (Jeff Chandler)
14 Enemy of the People (George Macready)
15 No Other Way (Mary Anderson)
16 Sapphire Anniversary (John Dehner, Peggy Webber)
17 The Lenin Prize (Pat McGeehan)
18 Trial and Terror (Stanley Waxman)
19 Delirium (Carlton Young)
20 Your Loving Son, Mike (Jeffrey Silver, Lou Krugman)
21 Prescription For Murder (David Brian)
22 The Man Who Died Twice (Hans Conried)
23 The Valley of the Shadow (Don Randolph)
24 Handicap (Sheldon Leonard)
25 The Toss-Up (Dana Andrews)
26 The Union Killer (Jack Webb)