A request... from my wife.

Scott Galley

A favourite show around the Galley household on Saturday mornings has been 'The Mary Lee Taylor Program'. Along with some GREAT recipes (I can vouch for many of these - Mary Lee Taylor, extended quarantine and our kitchen have combined beautifully to make some lovely meals), the story of Jim, Sally and Betsy Carter is a charming one. I know that a Certified Set was released a number of years ago, and that's what we've listened to - twice, in fact.

This morning, in passing, my wife Christiane was mourning the loss of the show and asking if there were any more. A quick check of Goldin's new site (excellent update, by the way), shows that indeed, a few more do exist.

So my question is... can we get our hands on them? I know one person who would be very happy if she could hear them. I would too.


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