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Ryan Ellett

Thanks, Larry. It's possibly an error on Goldin's site - that does happen every now and then. Or an episode that no one else ever got their hands on. 

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I have several sets of these shows from some long time collectors.

All have the 01/28/1945 correct show, none have the 03/25/1945 show.  It is a copy of the earlier show from January.




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I'm working through some Life of Riley episodes and discovered the episode dated 1945-03-25 is actually 1945-01-28. According to Dave Goldin's summaries they are probably the same script, or at least mostly the same; their synopses sound almost identical. You can tell the 1-28 episode because it ends with a note about infantile paralysis and a preview of the following week's episode which is about a lodge initiation. If you happen to have a 3-25 episode that does not sound like it is this earlier broadcast, please share so it can added to our set.

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