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Ryan Ellett

I wonder if there's any way to compare these numbers to those of our OTRR library or series that are up on Archive? That's a lot of subscribers considering longer-time OTRR members may not even know our stuff is on YouTube!


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On Saturday, July 11, 2020, 11:10:47 AM CDT, Brian Kavanaugh via <brian@...> wrote:

This is your periodic reminder that, in addition to all the other ways we have to listen to old-time radio, we also have a YouTube channel. The URL is and the channel was started January 22, 2017. There you will find thousands of episodes, organized into playlists, for well over 100 series. Only OTRR-certified/maintained sets are uploaded.
Some statistics:

  • Series: 142
  • Playlists: 502
  • Episodes: 18,107
  • Subscribers: 7,604
  • Total views: 2,993,340
  • Total watch time (hours): 827,759
  • Total impressions: 34,859,843 (how many time video thumbnails were shown to viewers on YouTube, since January 1, 2018)
  • Most viewed video: "X Minus One - No Contact", 22,978 (top four are all X Minus One; fifth is "Lux Radio Theatre - The Wizard of Oz" with 5,748 views)

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