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Philip Atchley

Well, Guess you could say that I'm a Ham, an SWL AND a "Beaconeer" (chasing longwave Morse Code beacons).  In addition I operate my own 10 Meter Ham Beacon 24/7.  Been an SWL since around 1953 and didn't get my ham license until 1994 (Morse code kept me from it most of that time).  In 1994 I got my "No Code license" and then almost immediately took the code test and got my "Advanced" license (now not available to new licenses). Never bothered to upgrade to the "Extra Class" license.

Below you will see a list of most of my equipment that is regularly used. . .

<>< 73 From "The Beaconeer's Lair" <><
Specializing in DXing NDBs (Longwave Beacons)
Phil, KO6BB,
KO6BB/B beacon, ~20W on 28.290 MHz, Ringo Vertical

YAESU: FTDX-101MP Xceiver, 2 SDR Receivers (~2020)
YAESU: FTDX-3000 Xceiver, DSP IF,300Hz Roofing filter (~2019).
Icom: IC-7200 Xceiver, DSP IF & filters (~2015).
Kenwood: TS-450SAT Xceiver, cascaded 250/125Hz Inrad filters.
10M Beacon: 2 x Realistic HTX-100's on 28.290MHz
HOMEBREW: 7 Tube+Rect 1v3 Regen RX for LF (built 2015)
SDRS: Perseus 10KHz-40MHz (2020)
Softrock Ensemble II LF Receiver (kit, 2017)
Softrock Ensemble II HF Receiver (Kit, 2019)
ACC: MFJ-993B Auto Antenna Matcher.
HOMEBREW LF-MF Pre-Amp, 8Hz Audio Filter.
HOMEBREW 4 Port Antenna Multicoupler, Feeds 4 RX's.
ANTENNAS: 88 foot Long Ladder-line fed dipole, 35 feet AGL for MW/SW.
Active Mini-Whip, 36 Feet AGL for LF/MW/SW.
Wellbrook ALA1530LN Loop For LF/MW/SW at 17 Feet AGL
37 foot "Low Noise Vertical", 11 feet AGL for LF/MW/SW.
Cushcraft AR-10 Ringo Vertical, 14 feet AGL for 10M beacon.
Merced, Central California, 37, 18, 37N 120, 30, 6W CM97rh

On 7/20/2020 1:38 AM, Charles Walker wrote:
I wonder how many in the group are ham radio operators or listen to shortwave radio SWL
Chuck Walker KF7PK

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