Looking for WLW appearances

Ryan Ellett

Received this email recently: 

"I have just discovered the website ottrpedia.net and otrr.org and am eager to trace performances of my mother and father who worked for WLW radio in Cincinnati from 1926 (father musician) to 1937 (mother  singer) .  He was a staff musician and worked on Moon River and every other live musical show - including advertising jingles.  My mother,  may not have been hired untill 1930 or so.  I have an undated photo of her singing on a show called Music for All Churches.  Could you help me wend my way through your archives to find reference to them and perhaps a recording ?  She, we think, also sang in NY on the “Chrysler Hour.” which I can’t find any reference to. 
I look forward to being in contact with you and thank you very much.
Mather and father are:
William “Ish” Drain - known at the station only as Ish - drummer
Mary Elizabeth Woods - singer - winner of the Atwater Kent Audition in Kentucky in 1932."

I sent her a link to the Moon River episodes I have. If anyone tracks down other broadcasts with either of these performers I'd be happy to send the links on.

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