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Brian Allen

Sounds interesting....what is the running time of this show?

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 9:10:42 AM EDT, Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:

Recently I have acquired 62 old-time radio audition programs from a collector with whom I trade OTR material.  These have already been digitized, most are of excellent sound quality, and none of the ones about which I will write episode summaries are in the OTRR Library collection at this time.  Here are the details about the episode of The Judge:

Episode Title: "The Death of the Playboy"

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, February 13, 1952

Network: CBS

Summary: Judge A.J. Adams has retired from the bench after more than forty years of service.  He is asked for help by police Lieutenant Tommy Ross after Ronald Winters is shot to death one night in the home of his stepmother Agatha Winters.  The most important clue in the case is that Ronald is killed just a few days before his 25th birthday, at which time he would have inherited the bulk of his late stepfather's estate.  The prime suspect is Julie Young, Ronald's girlfriend who is a nightclub singer at The Bluebird Cafe.  Other suspects are Mrs. Winters herself, who retains control of the estate when Ronald dies, and her secretary Katherine Shaw, who also stands to benefit financially from Ronald's death.

Notes: (1) Miss Shaw has been reading Emile Zola's novel The Human Beast; (2) Next week's episode is announced as "one of the most unusual cases on record, The Cat's Paw", thus indicating that at least two were aired.  John Dunning does not list the series in On the Air, so I am unable to determine the number of episodes that were broadcast on CBS or any other network; (3) There is a promo at the end for The Jack Benny Show which notes that Jack is on the radio every Sunday night.  The announcer concludes with "This is the CBS Radio Network."

Larry Maupin

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