Re: Duffy's Tavern

Tim Germain

Here's my report on the 10 episodes sent to me.

The episode dated 1/11/1946 with Larry Storch had some hissing at the end, but it didn't affect the story line.
The episode dated 2/1/1946 with Peggy Lee seemed to have been recorded at a lower volume so I had to turn up the volume.  Otherwise there were no problems with it.
The episode dated 2/8/1946 (the second one with Peggy Lee) had clicks and pops all through the dialog.  While Peggy Lee had a small appearance in the episode, perhaps the title of it should be something more in line with Archie going to the hospital instead of "Peggy Lee."
The episode dated 3/8/1946 (Archie's Homecoming) is the same as the episode dated 2/22/1946 (Archie Returns From The Hospital AFRS).  At first I thought this may have been the episode aired for the general public but at the end the announcer says, "This is the Armed Forces Radio Service."

The rest of the episodes sounded fine.

If you have any more episodes to be listened to, I'm available.


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