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You're quite welcome


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Thanks a bunch. I am happy to have people like you help out.  Still waiting for reports from others. Will keep you updated.


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I listened to all my episodes and didn't notice any issues...the shows matched the titles and the sound seemed fine to me.


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Hi Mike,

I listened to the first 10 episodes that you sent me.  They are all labeled correctly and they all sound really good.  I don't have anything that sounds better.  You can send me more episodes to listen to.


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Ok people! There are over 150 available episodes of this wonderful show that need listening to and organized. Shows were gathered by Dr. Joe Webb and project ready. I happened to be in conversation with Ryan Ellett about funny OTR I personally enjoy and coincidently....The episodes were already together and discussed a new project for the group.I don't think this show has ever been put together by the OTRRG but it is an absolute fab show. The dialogue and chemistry between Mrs Duffy, Finnegan and Ed Gardner on this show is super funny. Its a wonder its never been worked on before.

Whoever says "aye" please email me and we can start. We can use dropbox I guess for distribution. I will listen to many of them myself bc I love the show but need help!


Mike in Medford

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