Re: Tales of the Texas Rangers

B. J. Watkins

Ryan, we put an almost complete set of Tales of the Texas Rangers in excellent sound in the SPERDVAC General Library back in the 1980s or 90s. We were requested to delete them by Stacy Keach Sr., who owned the rights so we did.   He was syndicating them to radio stations. He was an honorary member of SPERDVAC. Perhaps I should post that meeting soon. He talked about how series came to be.

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We've received a nice set of Tales of the Texas Rangers to go through the process of becoming a Maintained set. I was a bit surprised that this series had not ever been released by OTRR over the years; at least I could find no record of it. The set contains 91 episodes. We will need 2nd listeners to get the project underway. Please contact me if you're interested in taking a batch of five; my math says there will be 18 batches to send out to interested listeners. The more individual listeners who step up, the fewer episodes any one person has to listen to. I've listened to very few of these over the years so will certainly be taking some myself to get more familiar with the shoe.
Respond here or email me privately for a batch,

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