Donations for script scanning

Ryan Ellett

A prominent OTR hobbyist has a complete or near-complete set of the Day in the Life of Dennis Day scripts. This information came about through our work getting the Maintained set of that series ready for release. This individual pays a family member (I believe who is disabled) to do a lot of scanning for him, $100 per box (I assume an archival box). He would never ask for money to cover this cost but because he'll be sharing valuable info from the scans, if not the scans themselves, I'd like to offer him some financial assistance in paying for the scanning work as a "thank you". If you've ever done a lot of scanning, scripts or otherwise, you know how tedious it is. These scripts are critical to getting the circulating Day shows properly dated and titled. If you're interested/willing to toss in even just a couple bucks, email me and I'll PayPal him whatever we raise. OldRadioTimes@...

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