Re: Data base of otr shows?

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I have created an Electron (although I may move it on over to a more cpp base) database version and the main launchpad was the last database commits that Jim had done before he passed.  The database itself was from OTTER, I did add some extra functionality, a streaming player, a local audio player (right now that just does 1 file at a time).  But the database that it uses is based off the last one that Jim had done.


On 7/30/20 8:49 PM, Ryan Ellett via wrote:
One of Jim's babies was the OTTER database, which is a valuable resource for those that use it. I admit I never got into using it but I know many in the group have, so maybe they can speak to its utility. I know from conversations with Jim that he put countless hours into updating it and I think was really as proud of OTTER as he was of anything OTRR had created over the years. It is still publicly accessible here. We don't have anyone actively managing it so if someone has really used it a lot and would be interested in taking a more active role with it, let me know. 

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 06:49 PM, James Wilson wrote:
Hello everyone,

I love otr sci-fi shows and I just found one I didn’t know about called Future Tense. Is there a database of otr shows?

Thanks in advance.

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