Audition Recording of "Your Hometown Reporter"

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Monday, October 11, 1948.  From Hollywood.

Sponsor: None.  Spaces are left throughout the program for commercials to be inserted.

Suggested Episode Title: "A Visit To Buffalo."

Opening: "And now Tom O'Neill bringing Hollywood, California to Buffalo, New York.  Hello Buffalo, this is your hometown reporter bringing you news and views of Hollywood, the glamor capital of the world."  

The first guest is actor Patrick McGeehan, who shares some of his memories of Buffalo.  He visited there in 1926 for the opening of the musical Gay Paris at the Tech Theater on Main Street, and again in 1933 with the Ringling Circus when they played on the lot at Broadway and Daley.  He recalls having received good service by employees at the Buffalo Railroad Yard.

Then two women from Buffalo who are visiting Hollywood are interviewed.  The first works for the New York Telephone Company, and the other is a student who is majoring in Dramatic Arts at the University of Buffalo.  They have bought perfume at a store on Hollywood Boulevard, but think that the JM Department Store in Buffalo is just as nice.

One interesting piece of information is that in 1948 a daily newspaper could be bought for four cents in Buffalo, but because of a recent rise in prices in Hollywood one cost seven cents there.

This is an enjoyable fifteen minutes, and a good idea for a series.  It's too bad it didn't attract a sponsor and that even this episode may never have been broadcast on an actual radio station.

Larry Maupin

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