Volunteer opportunities

Ryan Ellett

Sometimes I'm asked about how an individual can volunteer to help the Old Time Radio Researchers; we are only as strong as our volunteer base, after all. After talking with Joe Webb and Paul Kornman via Zoom (which is fun, OTRR could certainly do more of these online meet-ups), I went back to some old posts by Jim B. and copied down volunteer ideas he had offered at our old site. I've also added some additional items. Opportunities I thought were good for newcomers have an (N) after them. Hopefully you can find something of interest.

Ways Members Can Contribute include:

* create artwork (for CD cases) and and OTR-related pictures (ads, movie posters, premiums, etc.) to our website (N)

* create titles for untitled shows in our library (N)

* work on a bibliography of books for old-time radio fans (N)

* provide opening lines of episode dialogue (our Wiki First Line project; we used to have several members very into this task but many have drifted from the hobby, passed away, or lost interest in this work) (N)

* locate digital scripts that can be added to our library

* find programs not currently in our online audio library

* confirm or correct broadcast dates and times 

* add scans of network promotional materials to our library
* search for previously missing episodes

* encoding new material to digital formats from cassettes, reel-to-reels, and transcription records
* compile series broadcast logs (preferably using original scripts, newspaper schedules, etc.)
* listen to episodes in our library to make sure they are correctly labeled and dated
* provide copies of audio material they might have
* correct spelling mistakes in episode titles


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