Audition Recording of "Columbia's Country Caravan"

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, May 1, 1951. CBS. KRLD-Dallas

Host Johnny Higgs

Opening: "From deep in the heart of Texas to all you folks from coast to coast, here comes Columbia's Country Caravan."  Higgs also refers to the program later as "a hillbilly show."

Musical Numbers: Lefty Frizzell, "If You've Got the Money, Honey, I've Got the Time" and "I Want To Be With You Always"; Billy Walker, "Beautiful Brown Eyes"; Leroy Jenkins, "I'm Cryin' But Nobody Cares"; Ray Price, "If You're Ever Lonely Darlin'"; and Betty Johnson, "Dear Lord, Forgive."

Note: This is a good half-hour program with lively music and enjoyable humor.  When a dog approaches you and is barking and wagging its tail at the same time, which end do you believe?  Also,
"What did Uncle Fudd die of?"  Answer: "He died of a Tuesday."  The show originated in Dallas and was meant to be broadcast every Friday evening at 9pm.  It may have caught on locally, and if so perhaps some other episodes will turn up in the future.

Larry Maupin

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