Re: Audition Recording of "El Lobo Rides Again"


The Ojibwa tribe is mentioned as part of the storyline. That is a tribe mostly in Canada and N. U.S. and nowhere near the area of the story

I have noticed that otr sometimes contains historical mistakes such as this. This is not the first mistake of tribal location I have heard.
Was there any kind of fact checking on script content? On Mon, 3 Aug 2020, Larry Maupin wrote:

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, November 9, 1949
Episode Title: "The Ambush"
El Lobo is played by Charlie Lung
Setting: Lone Pine, Arizona and the Lazy Y Ranch
Plot: Avaricious Ace Kimball has hired gunslinger Steve Cody to stir
up trouble with a local Ojibwa Indian tribe so that they will attack
the ranch and kill everyone there. Cody and his desperados ambush the
braves at Rattlesnake Canyon and grievously wound chief Big Horse's
son Running Deer. But the ranch owner attempts to save the son's life
so that the chief will call off his warriors. El Lobo, who is very
energetic and laughs a lot like The Cisco Kid and Pancho, makes a late
appearance on his black mare Lorena to try to bring Cody to justice.
Note: There is a lot of local color that evokes images of the Old
West. Lone Pine is near the Mexican border. After the ambush the
gunmen ride to the badlands. The rim of Rattlesnake Canyon is situated
on a mesa. The ranch's cook has prepared a feast for the tribe that
includes apple and blueberry pie and whipped cream. I associate
biscuits, bacon, beans, chili peppers and coffee with Old West food
because that was the daily fare of the cowboys on the ranch in
_Lonesome Dove._ But pie and whipped cream for a feast may not be too
far fetched. This is an enjoyable 18 minutes.


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