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Ryan Ellett

This is why I never used actual old-time radio programs when I taught history. For the most part radio (like television and film) was entertainment first, historically accurate a distant second. I have never read of stations or networks having anything resembling a "fact-checker" on staff. Not that some writers didn't attempt to be as historically accurate as they could, limited by the resources of the time, but I generally consider them exceptions to the rule rather than the rule.

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The Ojibwa tribe is mentioned as part of the storyline.  That is a tribe mostly in Canada and N. U.S. and nowhere near the area of the story

I have noticed that otr sometimes contains historical mistakes such as this.  This is not the first mistake of tribal location I have heard.
Was there any kind of fact checking on script content? On Mon, 3 Aug 2020, Larry Maupin wrote:

> Broadcast Date: Wednesday, November 9, 1949
> Episode Title: "The Ambush"
> El Lobo is played by Charlie Lung
> Setting: Lone Pine, Arizona and the Lazy Y Ranch
> Plot: Avaricious Ace Kimball has hired gunslinger Steve Cody to stir
> up trouble with a local Ojibwa Indian tribe so that they will attack
> the ranch and kill everyone there. Cody and his desperados ambush the
> braves at Rattlesnake Canyon and grievously wound chief Big Horse's
> son Running Deer. But the ranch owner attempts to save the son's life
> so that the chief will call off his warriors. El Lobo, who is very
> energetic and laughs a lot like The Cisco Kid and Pancho, makes a late
> appearance on his black mare Lorena to try to bring Cody to justice.
> Note: There is a lot of local color that evokes images of the Old
> West. Lone Pine is near the Mexican border. After the ambush the
> gunmen ride to the badlands. The rim of Rattlesnake Canyon is situated
> on a mesa. The ranch's cook has prepared a feast for the tribe that
> includes apple and blueberry pie and whipped cream. I associate
> biscuits, bacon, beans, chili peppers and coffee with Old West food
> because that was the daily fare of the cowboys on the ranch in
> _Lonesome Dove._ But pie and whipped cream for a feast may not be too
> far fetched. This is an enjoyable 18 minutes.


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