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Barbara, I think the host actually spells it out as "Ghiz Kwiz" at one point, but I thought that was so ridiculous that if I put it in everyone would think it was a typo.  As for the title of the episode, "Grocery Shoppers Quizzed" is what shows on the screen as soon as the recording begins to play.  I did notice that a portion is repeated, and you must be right about the editing.



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I believe the correct title of this show is Ghiz Quiz. Here's how Dave Golden lists it:

Ghiz Quiz. May 09, 1949. KTAR, Phoenix. An audition recording for Farm Fresh Markets. The program originates from Farm Fresh Market #3 (in Phoenix). The first question is, "Which president appointed the first territorial governor of Arizona?" A short portion of the program is repeated, indicating a possible attempt at editing a wire recording. Paul Hughes (quizmaster). 


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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Audition Recording of "Farm Fresh"
Broadcast Date: Monday, May 9, 1949. KTAR-Phoenix.

Sponsor: Pilsbury's Flour and Cake Mix

Episode Title: "Grocery Shoppers Quizzed"

Host: Paul Hughes

Opening: "Hello everyone, welcome to Farm Fresh Market Number Three located at 40 North Central Avenue in Downtown Phoenix.  It's time to play Giz Quiz!"

Premise: Listeners mail in questions about Arizona, and if the question is used on the program the person who submitted it receives a post card good for five pounds of Pilsbury's Flour.  Contestants on the show attempt to answer the questions correctly and receive a 5 pound bag of groceries from Farm Fresh Market for trying.  Guests are mostly people who have moved to Arizona from states such as Illinois, Iowa and Arkansas.

A commercial gives the prices of food items currently available at the market.  Swift Brookfield Butter was 59 cents per pound; Kraft Mayonnaise 29 cents per jar; 10 pounds of Pilsbury's Flour for 89 Cents; steaks for 69 cents per pound and roast for 47 cents; Swift Circle S Ham for 89 cents; Extra Fancy Tomatoes for 17 cents per pound; and tender two-pod peas at two pounds for 89 cents.

This program is only fifteen minutes long and is a lot of fun to hear.

One interesting fact revealed during the show was that at that time Arizona had the second-largest county in the United States.  It still does by land area in the contiguous United States.  Anyone who knows the largest county or wants to guess it without looking it up gets a gold star just for trying.


Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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