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B. J. Watkins

Many thanks to Larry Maupin for all his work and dedication to making this set available to everyone and for writing all the summaries he did. Most of the shows I sampled are in nice sound. I found about eight that I did not already have. I would like to see the group work on a maintained set of auditions only and find them in high encodes mp3s or flac. The sad thing about Larry's set, through no fault of his own, is that most are at very low encodes - 24 and 32 kbps.

One question I have is, is that really a Virginia Gregg audition? I can clearly hear her say that her name is Virginia Marvin. That audition is in the singles & doubles collection also at least twice. It's labeled there as both Virginia Gregg and Virginia Marvin. The only possibility that it could be Virginia Gregg would be that she was auditioning for the part of Virginia Marvin in something. Does anyone know?


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Here is the link to Larry's set of rare and little-known audition programs. He has been providing summaries of these episodes over the past couple weeks. Enjoy the shows and reread his write-ups if you skipped over them prior!
Audition Recordings


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