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Richard Davenport

Welcome to the den of delightful madness.  This is a group of like minded individuals who share a passion for collecting, preserving, cataloging and sharing the genre of Old Radio Shows.  We do digress into more arcane side topics like pulp magazines, comics, scripts, etc but generally Old Radio at the center.  I collect comic scans, and movies by the petabyte.  I just floated a complete set of the Ma & Pa Kettle movies.  It has been well received by many here.  If you are interested I'm sure it could be sent to you as well. 

No question is too dumb here.  Please feel free to ask away.  We have some real SME's here that can tell you just about anything nuanced for the shows.  Please also share with use what you have in your library.  You never know what you might have.  We try to have copies of the shows as best as is available or can be restored.  I have a massive collection of Chapter Serials which ties in as many were also Old Radio Shows (i.e. Lone Ranger).  I have attempted to gather as complete a collection of all existing (I hope) chapter serials ever made. 

One of the biggest challenges in the collection is to attempt to have accurate dates and show titles.  There are inaccuracies galore but sometimes you just can only do so much.  That is where the scans come into play.  They are source material for dates and show numbers and individual titles. 

Play well, enjoy much, and welcome to the great, wild world of Old Radio. 

Rick Davenport
Dallas, Texas

Labor ipse voluptas

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, 3:29:41 PM CDT, Ruth Beaty <beatyruth@...> wrote:

Hi guys from OKC here! Thanks for letting me join, got the link from Pulp Mags and super excited. I've listened to many old radio shows from one of our local stations here for most of my life so it's nice to find you. I'm a big mystery/comedy/drama fan and the internet has let me indulge this hobby.

Ruth in OK

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