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Thank you Bill.  Every time I click on a link to otrcat I get the same message: "Sorry, is currently unavailable."  This has been the case for months.  If you or anyone else can get a link that works perhaps you would like to purchase the set there and make it available to all members of our group, which could lead to the shows being placed on the Internet Archive.  I am concerned, however, that the owner may have retired or even died.  

I am grateful for your reply.



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Please  try again it’s

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Thank you Barbara.  The otrcat link doesn't work, but if people want to pay a dealer for them that is all right.  I have not found them for sale anywhere, including Radio Spirits, which I thought might have been the source of the cassettes I received from another collector.  If anyone in the group wants to purchase them and upload them to the Internet Archive as a set, that would might be a good and inexpensive solution that would allow thousands of other OTR enthusiasts to enjoy them free of charge.


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Larry, $40 to digitize one cassette is outrageous. Many if not all of these shows are in many collectors' hands if they wanted them. You could buy CDs or digital copies from any number of dealers and get them in wav, flac or high encodes of mp3s. If top quality isn't important to you and just want the enjoyment of listening to them then, for $5.00, you could buy them from here:

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Hello to everyone.  I would like to open a subject for discussion and would appreciate advice and comments from all members who have an interest in and knowledge about the subject of this message.  Recently I acquired 18 cassette tapes labeled "Radio's Missing Masters."  The person who sent them said that they were obtained years ago as a boxed set from a dealer.  Do you think it would be a good project for us to place them on the Internet Archive as a set providing that they are not already available to listen to free of charge on the Archive or somewhere else?
I do not have the entire set, but as you will see below there are probably enough episodes to make a good start.  
So far I have searched the OTRR Library collection and the "Singles and Doubles" set for series titles and have found some.  What follows is a list of episodes and dates as well as any notations that appear on the labels.  I will include only those which I did not find in the search:
The Judge (2/13/52). Audition.
The Humphrey Bogart Theater (9/17/48). Audition.
Safari (1950s). "First and only existing show."
Once Upon a Midnight (5/11/45). "First and only existing show."
The Private Practice of Dr. Dana (12/21/47). "Earliest of five existing Shows."
Escape (9/18/47).  "One of three from NBC."
Emotion (7/8/49). "Audition and only show."
Mulligan's Travels (6/8/49). Audition.
The Clyde Beatty Show (1940s). "Premier."
Crime Correspondent (10/21/49). "Audition and only show."
Action Eighty (3/26/52). Audition
Operation Danger (6/25/50). Audition
The Green Lama (5/17/49). Audition.
T-Man (4/29/49) Audition.
Half Hour To Kill (10/29/46). Audition.
The Bob Burns Show (11/25/47). Audition.
My Mother's Husband (5/4/50) Audition
Action (1/15/44) Audition.
June's My Girl (10/4/48). Audition.
Three for Adventure 1940s). Audition.
Christopher London (1950s).
The Case of Mr. Ace.  "Premier."

Martin Kane, Private Detective (10/29/53). "Only existing episode."

The Fat Man (1/21/50). "Premiere."

Bunco Squad (4/15/50). "Rehearsal."

Here Comes McBride (5/19/49). "Premiere." 

I am going to do something with these.  Here are some options: (1) It costs $40 to have one cassette digitized, so I could have my local business do five at a time and just send them to Ryan and have him provide a link to both groups, since I have given up on trying to share them with everybody by uploading them; (2) I could send them to David and Pete if they would like to distro them to the Purchasing Group; (3) The cost might be less if I buy a dual cassette recorder, make copies of all of the tapes, and mail them to Ryan, David or Pete.  That might actually be the most fun, and would not take as long as having five digitized every couple of months until all of them are done.  The disadvantage would be that the recipient of the cassettes I dub would still need to have them digitized.
If anyone replies to this message with an opinion about whether this project is worth undertaking by one of our groups, information about how many of these episodes have already been digitized and are available to all OTR enthusiasts to listen to free of charge, and advice about how best to make the rest of them on my list (if there are any left) available to all, I will be grateful and will take every comment into careful consideration and reply respectfully if a reply seems appropriate.
This could lead to another graduating class for the Internet Archive, but it will take some time and I hope to have a lot of fun along the way, and perhaps we can accomplish something of substance to further the groups's mission.

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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