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Ryan Ellett

OTRR has not, to my knowledge, historically sought out Radio Spirits or Radio Archives material to make available on our library. That doesn't mean their material doesn't get into our sets or our library because once these shows are in circulation they are usually all re-labeled and re-tagged so it becomes impossible to know where they originated. Plus, there are a lot of hobbyists digitizing versions of these shows on their own and releasing new content all the time. Even OTRR material shows up all over with our tags removed; some of it is for sale right now on OTRcat.  We do encourage members to purchase from these organizations whenever possible because they have a ton of unreleased material that won't see the light of day if they're not making money selling their sets. 

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I remember when OTR Spirits threatened to close down the group with a law
suit for sharing a show online.  I can't remember what year that was but I
know it caused a panic with the group.
Personally I think that is not fair but I am just a OTR Fan I know I
bought some things from them and I didn't think much of how they handled
the OTR shows because they took the ads off the shows,  To me that was
part of the fun of listening to the shows because it shows how and what
people used things for.

Jackie Schlageter

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