Re: Request for Discussion on "Radio's Missing Masters"

B. J. Watkins

Here is my opinion on the "Missing Masters" set. To call this group of shows Missing now in 2020 is without reason. Most have been available and circulating in open reel collections for 30 or 40 years. All but one are in the OTRR library. I would like to see upgrades made of those. As for the Escape episode it would be better to put all four of the NBC Escapes together in the library under E. 

Peter, did you digitize them as wav, flac or mp3? If mp3 what encode?

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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Request for Discussion on "Radio's Missing Masters"
I have now posted episode summaries on 10 of the 40 shows in the set and need to take a break for a few days to work on another commitment.  A couple of thoughts have occurred to me, and I would like to share them and invite comments on the subject.

First, shortly after I began writing summaries a member posted a message stating that she thinks most if not all of the 40 episodes are already in the Singles & Doubles Collection.  I am inclined to agree with her.  Many are in the S&D set, and a number of others can be located in the OTRR Library Collection by clicking on the letter with which the first word of the series begins. 

So I have a suggestion.  There does not seem to be a need to digitize these episodes again except possibly for a few that need better encodes.  Even those will not need to be digitized if better encodes can be found.

I think the project can be brought to a relatively swift conclusion if a group member with the skills will aggregate the episodes into one set and make them available to one of our librarians who can then place them in the collection under the letter 'R' with the title "Radio's Missing Masters."  That would make all 40 of the episodes available to any OTR enthusiast in the world who has a computer with a sound card.

I assume that Paul Kornman and John Tierney (I think your first name is John-- sorry if I got that wrong) read these messages.  During the next few days I will look for messages from any member who is willing and able to aggregate as many of the 40 episodes as he or she can find, and also messages from Paul or John indicating a willingness to make the episodes available in one location as a group within the OTRR Library collection.  If no messages are posted on this subject during the next five days I will assume that we might as well abandon the project due to lack of interest.

There are two other possibilities.  One is that Ryan will agree to upload the 40 episodes as a set to the Internet Archive as he has recently done with two other sets.  There has been some discussion here about a potential copywrite infringement issue, so Ryan is the appropriate person to make the decision about placing the set on the Archive.

The other is that David will want to distro the set to the Purchasing Group, in which case all the episodes will eventually become available to the public at large.

In conclusion, I think the project can still reach a happy outcome if Paul, John, Ryan or David wishes to continue it and even if another member is willing to aggregate the episodes into one set and share a link to them with all other members of both groups.  I will not post again on this subject for the next five days except in reply to any other member who does so.  If no one does, I will assume we can all move on to something else that members find interesting and important enough to pursue or that all of us will just continue to work on ongoing projects in which we are involved.

In the interest of clarity, I repeat that I would especially like to see messages from Paul, John, Ryan and David because I think they are the most likely members to keep the "Radio's Missing Masters" project going.  Otherwise, any member willing to aggregate the shows into one set and share them with all other members can bring the project to a successful conclusion within the groups even if the episodes are not made available as such to the world at large,


Larry Maupin

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