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Thank youfor the golden Days downloads, I used the link from Ryan and it worked great.


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Philip, you are very welcome.  It was a link someone in the group sent this week using pCloud that made me think of asking the people at MTEK Media to use it yesterday for the file sharing.  It looks good and seems simple enough to use, but I am disappointed that so many people failed to receive the link.

But I'm glad you got yours!


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After I figured out how to use P-Cloud it downloaded just fine. Thank
you very, very much.

NOTE:  I typically have a problem with very large files bombing out part
way through (ATT's crummy DSL service) but I got this one on the first try.

<>< 73 From "The Beaconeer's Lair" <><
Specializing in DXing NDBs (Longwave Beacons)
Phil, KO6BB,< a=""> /> KO6BB/B beacon, ~20W on 28.290 MHz, Ringo Vertical

YAESU: FTDX-101MP Xceiver, 2 SDR Receivers (~2020)
YAESU: FTDX-3000 Xceiver, DSP IF,300Hz Roofing filter (~2019).
Icom: IC-7200 Xceiver, DSP IF & filters (~2015).
Kenwood: TS-450SAT Xceiver, cascaded 250/125Hz Inrad filters.
10M Beacon: 2 x Realistic HTX-100's on 28.290MHz
HOMEBREW: 7 Tube+Rect 1v3 Regen RX for LF (built 2015)
SDRS: Perseus 10KHz-40MHz (2020)
Softrock Ensemble II LF Receiver (kit, 2017)
Softrock Ensemble II HF Receiver (Kit, 2019)

ACC: MFJ-993B Auto Antenna Matcher.
HOMEBREW LF-MF Pre-Amp, 8Hz Audio Filter.
HOMEBREW 4 Port Antenna Multicoupler, Feeds 4 RX's.
ANTENNAS: 88 foot Long Ladder-line fed dipole, 35 feet AGL for MW/SW.
Active Mini-Whip, 36 Feet AGL for LF/MW/SW.
Wellbrook ALA1530LN Loop For LF/MW/SW at 17 Feet AGL
37 foot "Low Noise Vertical", 11 feet AGL for LF/MW/SW.
Cushcraft AR-10 Ringo Vertical, 14 feet AGL for 10M beacon.
Merced, Central California, 37, 18, 37N 120, 30, 6W CM97rh

On 8/28/2020 4:36 PM, Larry Maupin wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> You are welcome, and thank you for reporting that you received the
> episodes.  We are 2-0 now with only 20 people who have not yet
> reported.  I will announce the final score at 11pm tonight.
> Larry

Larry Maupin

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