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Stan Marchand

Thanks to Rick, Adam and Ian for responding. It is kind of tacky gut lighthearted and fun.

Ian, are the Episodes 27 - 52 available anywhere for download?


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Not entirely accurate regarding an Australian version.

Grace Gibson was one of a group of investors in that series from the get go.  26 episodes were made in the U.S. and they were terrible, the other investors dropped out.  Grace brought Langan to Australia and made 27-52 using Australian actors.  Langan couldn't sight read the scripts and act.  He treated the scripts like movie scripts and tried to memorise each one then act.  Lots of problems with the series as a result.  Also lots of problems for other reasons.

Grace had brought the first 26 episodes to Australia with Langan, she had the 16" Transcriptions under her arm and walked through customs.  This was at a time when the Importation of such items from the U.S. was still banned.  U.S. Dollars were for War use not frivolities.  After the series was finished Grace offered the series to a Sydney station for broadcast who took it.  An opposition station had wanted the series and was annoyed and told the authorities about her bringing the 26 episodes in.  Grace unfortunately tried to bluff with a lie, Reg James had to front the authorities to show proof of their arrival by post, couldn't, Grace was charged, found guilty and fined.

Reg always considered the series to be one the worst they made and hated it to his last days.


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There was an Australian version of the show. Glenn Langan travelled to Australia and recorded witn an Australian cast. Grace Gibson has one of the Australian episodes in a variety pack on their website

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Stand By for Crime is one of my favorites. It looks like it only lasted
for those 26 episodes that are  in the OTRR collection.

I looked in Dunning's and there is no entry for the series. I looked at
Jerry's logs but could find it there either.

Does anyone have any other information about the series other than what
is in the OTRR folder?


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