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Ian Grieve

The problem is that Ian is friends of the copyright owner.


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A google search on Stand By For Crime OTR shows does bring up the standard 1-26 but 0% return on 27-52.  Archive does not have anything.  A search on Dangerous Interlude OTR shows brought up some interesting Romance novel crap but nothing else.  Folks like Ian who are down under might have a better chance of finding them down there.  Ian mentioned one being on a compilation set but I could not spend $30 for one show.  I might contriubute $ towards a group purchase in order to acquire it. 


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Perhaps we should consider purchasing a copy for dissemination amongst the internal group. 

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I just went through some emails between Reg and I over the years, just searching on Dangerous Interlude.  I had forgotten it was only 2 stations that used that name.  Explains why I was having trouble logging the series when Jack French asked me about it in 2012.

Here are some points taken out of emails between Reg James (who started work at Grace Gibson in 1946 as Office Boy and became the General Manager) and myself.  These were between 2007 & 2012:

Dangerous Interlude was only used because sponsor preferred that title. The opening  and closing tracks were deleted and an acetate containing the Dangerous Interlude info included. 

The title DI was not offered to other stations,
Stand By For Crime is a show we would rather forget. Grace did a deal with some US friends. They produced 26 eps titled Dangerous Interlude and we produced another 26 called SBFC. Why the different titles for the same series -- I've no idea. Glen Langan was brought to Sydney to continue as Chuck Morgan but Sheila Sewell took over as his assistant.
Grace carried the first 26 eps through customs under her arm and was later fined 200 pounds for not declaring a prohibited import.We were very naive. I was involved because Customs and despatch were my responsibility .

"Sorry can't remember names of the 2 partners. They lived in LA ,one was a Lawyer and I think he was John--------. 
1`-26 were re-mastered here as 27-52 I think. Our entire 52 eps were probably sent to US  and broadcast there under SBFC. We had no documentation on the Dangerous Interlude eps.
Unfortunately Glen couldn't sight read causing many problems in the studio. Scripts were dreadful and somehow had to be brought up to scratch and were also very short.
Grace managed to sell SBFC to the Capital Cities & NZ so probably got her money back..She had a blind spot about US scripts perhaps because she had already brought them & was going to make the best of it.
I have no information on US sales.
The reason NFSA have no copies of SBFC is they were destroyed before Peter Burgis  or collectors came on scene."

The name Peter Burgis is probably not known to you.  He was in radio and pushed hard for an Institution to take responsibility for audio.  He was responsible for the National Film & Sound Archives (NFSA) we have today in Australia.  He was also the first Director.  He was literally saving transcriptions from Landfill.  I have never met him, but he contacted me earlier in the year about a project he is working on, but not my area of interest so I referred his request to another collector in that genre.  Then a week ago his kids contacted me wanting some CDs for him for his Birthday.  So he is still around.

Not a week goes by that I don't miss Reg.  Sadly his wife Neryl also passed away recently.


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Episode 47 (I think Episode 21 of the Australian Series) is available for purchase in a variety pack from Grace Gibson:




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I neglected to point out that Stand By For Crime was renamed 'Dangerous Interlude'.  That might help people searching for 27-52.


I don't know if it was sold to the U.S. under the new title or not.




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G'day Scott, no she did not make the trip only Langan.  27-52 received a rewrite but even then it only got released because Grace wanted to get her money back and there was an audience wanting to hear Langan.


I think I have a photo of Grace arriving back with Langan.  I will post it on the Facebook page.




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I have been curious for a couple of years, Ian, ever since I found out that Langan travelled to Australia to continue the series. Did his wife, Adele Jergens go with him? If I remember correctly, the one episode that Bruce has released through the Grace Gibson website did not have Ms. Jergens in it. She was so beautiful, I've always thought that she would've been a big splash in Australia.

As a series, it is light. Not terrible, but not to everyone's taste. My wife and I like it, although Langan's character does come off as a bit of an self-aggrandizing ass.

By the way Ian, those details are gold. Thanks for letting us know.



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