RADIO'S MISSING MASTERS: "The Green Lama" and "T-Man"

Larry Maupin

The label on the cassette containing The Green Lama episode reads "05-17-49 Audition."

Episode Title: "The Man Who Never Existed"

Network: CBS.

Cast: Paul Frees as The Lama, Ben Wright as Tulku.  Announcer Larry Thor.

Sponsor: None, but program seems to be complete.

Availability: In the OTRR Library Collection under the letter 'G' with very good sound quality.

Background: Jethroe Dumont has spent time in Tibet learning ancient secrets, and returns to the United States to exercise his amazing wisdom and "powers of concentration" in the cause of good.  He is accompanied by his faithful servant Tulku, and has chosen the word "green" in his alias because it is presumably "one of the six sacred colors of Tibet" and symbolizes justice (John Dunning: On the Air, p.299).

Summary: In New York, a Professor Hendrix, whose collection of Mexican art is being exhibited at a local museum, is found murdered.  The search for his killer takes Dumont and Tulku to Mexico, where they stay at the El Capital Hotel and meet the professor's daughter Marta.  One interesting detail is that Dumont meets a taxi driver there who has heard The Adventures of Philip Marlowe on the radio.

Note: I think this series has a lot of admirers.  It was the subject of a very good presentation by Martin Grams earlier this year at an online meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club.  I only saw about six episodes in the OTRR Library Collection, but if I remember Martin's comments correctly there are quite a few more in circulation. 

The label on the cassette has the notation 04-29-49 for the T-Man episode.  The program is in the OTRR Library Collection under the letter 'T', but with a date of 04-29-50.  That is exactly a one year disparity, and I have checked Dunning's On the Air and also The Big Broadcast without resolving the disparity because the series is not covered in either.

Here are the details of the episode:

Title: "The Case of the Bleeding Gold"

Network: CBS.  The show is complete, sounds good, and has music but no sponsor or commercials.

Cast: The only actor identified is Dennis O'Keefe in the role of Treasury Agent Dan Obrien.

Plot:  O'Brien is sent from his office in Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles to break up a criminal operation involved in the counterfeiting of gold coins.  He stays at The Riverside Hotel on Pershing Square and uses it as his base of operations.  

Note: There are five or six episodes in the OTRR library, so the series enjoyed more success than many of the others in the "Missing Masters" collection.  

Larry Maupin

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