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Please release those Big Shows, Ryan. Thanks.

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Martin's book will undoubtedly have the correct dates for the episodes and titles if the scripts were titled - not that we should go through and add all the episode titles to our database (that's one of the primary draws of his books). You're correct, I didn't see any Renfrew episodes in our library. Once he releases these new recordings I will see what his thoughts are on adding them to the library. In the past Martin has not cared because he recoups his costs through the Kickstarter. He specifically gave us permission to share the Big Shows he released along with his book a couple years back though I don't think we've gotten around to it.
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On Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 01:29 AM, Richard Davenport wrote:
I noticed that the Renfrew listing in the DB was not complete.  Following the listed schedule on the notes I have created the full run of broadcast dates.
You have some errors further down in the schedule, at least if the patter follows the notes you are a day or so off on the dates.  I will be interested to see if we can get show title information at some point.
Here is the full run list...It should be a simple matter to copy it into Excel for further updating. 

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