Re: FW: Listener Reports.

Scott Galley

It's true. Within the 'Backstage Wife' run that I have (from OTRRG, if I'm not mistaken) I have noticed a couple of air-date discrepancies, based on the calendar for 1950. I've gone ahead and fixed those in my own files, as well as giving each show a descriptive title as my wife and I listen to them, but as for original air dates, we have to go, to a greater or lesser degree, on blind faith. The shows themselves rarely (if ever) mention dates and with commercials often being cut out, there's no way to glean something from that source either.

That having been said, listening to the Backstage Wife 'Claudia Vincent' saga, one day a week, for the past umpteen months, has been great fun. We're coming the end of the run we have (two weeks to go) and I can say that it makes for great radio listening. If you don't get all irate at Ms. Vincent's nefarious machinations, then you're a stronger individual than I.

Yours faithfully,

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