Re: Request for Discussion on "Radio's Missing Masters"

Larry Maupin

Good morning Paul,

I read this message from you with the utmost interest.  I agree that curated sets or playlists by members would be a great addition to the library and have been thinking about doing one ever since I read your message on August 24th.

Your concept is elegantly clear.  I have several ideas for curated sets, and have started working on one which will be be a group of programs from various series that deal with true crime cases.  Series represented will be Crime Classics, The Black Museum, The FBI in Peace and War, This Is Your FBI, Famous Jury Trials, Unsolved Mysteries, Unwritten Law, Dragnet and Sensational British Trials.  I may add one or two others along the way.

I will comply with your requirement of stating the reasoning behind the collection and will provide titles and brief synopses for each episode in the set.

Something you should know is that I am digitizing all the episodes in the collection from cassettes to make certain that they will all be of very good sound quality, and I am editing out the time at the beginning of each tape before the actual program begins.

My only concern is how I can best work with you on this.  Should we talk on the telephone to iron out the details ahead of time, or just exchange emails along the way?  Would you like for me to mail the set to you on a flash drive when I am finished so that you can upload it to the Library?  Please reply with your thoughts on these matters.

Best regards,



From: "Paul Kornman via"
Sent: Monday August 24 2020 9:37:43AM
Subject: Re: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Request for Discussion on "Radio's Missing Masters"

I think the idea of a curated set or playlist by members would be a great addition to the Library.
I tried to set up a "OTRR recommends" section, but the response from members was minimal.

I'd be happy to set it up, but I do not want just a list of episodes with a generic title like "My favorites".
At a minimum, I would require a few lines from the curator with the reasoning behind the collection.
Added information about any of the episodes in the set would be gravy.

From the main library (or otrrpedia), this additional information would be attached to the episode as well
as the fact that the episode appears as part of a curated set (with a link to the set).

Larry Maupin

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