Re: otrDB Brainstorming

Wild West Designs

Latest release of the main app can be found here:

Also, I did separate the audio player into it's own app.  It is only a streaming player and it can be found here:

I may see about making the streaming player version an android app as well.

Some changes with the main app:

I added some links under the Resources menu.  I linked to 2 American modern audio drama companies that I like to get my entertainment from and I also linked to OTRR as well.  I separated the links for OTRR for convenience.  Main Page, Radio Times, HotRod and to this group here.  I would like to add in more links as well to more information related for those that want to say learn about audio and audio cleanup when taking a show from disc to digital etc.  Or for books that are on topic.  Either related to shows or to the technical aspects of the hobby etc. 

Also I would like to have a list of vendors for OTR shows as well.  With so many sources out there, I think it would be beneficial to have a curated list in that regard as well.  Any input would be greatly appreciated on any of the above or anything else related to the program(s).



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