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B. J. Watkins

For what it's worth, back when Stacy Keach was preparing to syndicate his series, he called me to ask if I or SPERDVAC had three shows he was missing. We didn't. He told me the titles of the three and I wrote them down somewhere. Wish I still had that paper. I don't know if he ever found them or not.


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Are you sure you have all those (I guess I'm not sure what "Tales Of The Texas Rangers - 0001 - 50-07-08 -.mp3" means, for example)? Have you listened to them? Are the two auditions you list different from each other? The distro has only one, which is all that Jerry lists (1950-04-13). At least according to Jerry's and Goldin's logs, the following aren't available and the titles aren't known:

1950-07-08 - #1
1950-10-22 - #16
1951-01-28 - #29
1951-04-29 - #41 (Goldin does indicate he has this, title "Hot Cargo", but only the final 17:06. I see some collections for sale on E-Bay indicating the same thing.)

Missing from this distro:

1950-07-08 - #1
1951-09-23 - #12 "Open and Shut" - same as 1951-11-11; you should make sure the ones you have are in fact different
1950-10-22 - #16
1951-01-28 - #29
1951-04-29 - #41 "Hot Cargo"

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