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I got that guide as an interlibrary loan and I think that all the episodes/stories should be at the back.


Looking at Jerry’s log, he only has two episodes listed for the serial era that ran from 1937-43. According to Dunning, Mister Keen ran 3 times a week and the period it was run just as a serial was 6 years, and we’ll say two months. So during the time, there were about 967 episodes of Mister Keen or thereabouts and Jerry’s log only has 2, so that accounts for a difference of maybe 965 episodes.


According to Dunning, the 30 minute run of Mister Keen lasted until October 1, 1954 while Jerry’s log cut off on June 18, 1954.


Jerry’s got 4 episodes of the second serial run which ran from May 24, 1954-January 14, 1955-and I’m uncertain whether there were four or five episodes per week., but that’s another 100+ episodes.


In addition, there was a final half hour run of around 8 weeks from February-April 1955 which isn’t in the log.


So I think that’s where some of the differences will lie.


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I picked up the Jim Cox guide to the Mister Keen as a clarification guide to make sure my files were corrected and to be able to create placer txt files for the missing shows.  I am not clear as to why the guide seems to jump all over the place in the number and date order.  I found a mistake in Jerry H's list where he skipped the number 41 in the numerical sequencing.  His list only goes up to 544 but I understood there are in total 1,690 shows in all.  I want to be accurate with my placer files but I am having a time getting reference material to use...




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