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Damon Fries

I’ve been looking for an upgrade too….I used to have the Radiola vinyl from the 80s (?), which cut the intro/outros to make it a 2-hour story - it was not amazing quality, but much better and listenable than what I have now.

On 1 Nov 2020, at 13:05, Scott Galley via <scottgalley@...> wrote:

Good morning all.

A quick note this morning regarding Mr. George Edwards. My wife and I are huge fans of his available output, having listened to excellent transfers of his "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", "The Count of Monte Cristo", "Afloat with Henry Morgan" and "The Man in the Iron Mask" thanks to the fine work from Radio Archives.

For Halloween, we listened to his much earlier adaptation of Frankenstein and, while still uniformly excellent, was marred by crappy quality. I think this entered my collection 20 years ago, and it sounds like it. Muffled, with those annoying mp3 'pops' (I don't know how else to describe them, but they drive me insane), etc;

So my question for the morning is this: do we have any idea as to how much more of his prodigious output survives? Does anyone have a better copy of Frankenstein or any of his other works? I approached Bruce from Grace Gibson about seeing what else was in the Australian archives, but he informed me that it's not easy to get recordings out of there unless you have the proper paperwork, so that avenue appears to be closed.

Anyway, any information would be greatly appreciated.


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