Re: George Edwards and Frankenstein

Scott Galley

Thanks all for the deep dive into this topic. It's frustrating to think how much has been lost, but frankly, we can say that about pretty much everything, can't we?

With regard to an upgrade, I have never bought off Jerry H. before, but this might just be the opportunity to jump into those waters. We'll probably want to listen to the series again in a couple of years and an improvement, even a slight one, would be well worth the cost.

Phil, I'll send you my email address this morning.

Ian, thank you very much for your detailed information. It was your list of Mr. Edwards output that made my head spin. So many serials. And if the quality was up to the standard of what survives, which I assume it was, the loss is enormous.

Next on my list of queries and questions will be the transcription dates for a number of various Australian series and serials. Stay tuned!

Thanks again;

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