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Per Cox's book, episode 371 (1331) aired Thursday February 22, 1951 and episode 372 (1332) aired the next week on Thursday March 1, 1951. I don't see a missing show in there.

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I am working through the creation of the full list of the Mister Keene programs.  I initially used Jerry H's site but found he had made a mistake.  He skipped #41 and that threw the dates off.  It drove me crazing trying to sort it out till I used Excel to get it cleared up. 

I also found that based on the sequence of dates there is a show that would have aired on 51-02-29.  #371 which would have been on that date got bumped forward to the next date in the sequence (51-03-01) to be precise.   Jerry did not mention this in his list.  Does anyone have any idea what happened on that date that might have caused the pre-empting? 


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Late 1954 William Boyd did a World Tour raising awareness and funds for Crippled Children.  Lots of Hopalong Crippled Children Appeal Badges appear on Ebay still.

After England he came to Australia November 1954.  One of the things he was contracted to do was a segment on 'Bonnington's Bunkhouse Show' which was being filmed at 'Wirth's' Circus.  As an aside, I met Will Hutchins at the last FOTR and he told me about how he loved his time in Australia touring with a Circus, but I don't remember which circus it was, was it 'Wirths'?  Anyway William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy turned up at 'Wirths' in Melbourne for the recording.  The cast of 'Bonnington's Bunkhouse Show' was flown down from Sydney and they got things started.  But the popularity of Hopalong Cassidy was so great that William Boyd was mobbed by 10,000 kids wanting autographs.  Boyd couldn't settle them down and the whole thing was cancelled.  Boyd did his segment in his hotel room later that night and the cast flew back to Sydney and did the recording of the show there and included the Boyd segment.

Fame, sometimes not so fleeting.  I have included the newspaper reports of the above on a couple of the Australian Radio History groups in the past and several of the radio people admitted being there as kids.


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Thanks those 4 shows are much better.
Will stick them in

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