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Are there any classical music broadcasts in this new collection? That is something I could certainly help with....transfer and ID.

On a different note, is there any recording of the Whistler's music w/o the voice over? Have you ever seen this music in print, in musical score or arrangement for piano?


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Joe Salerno

On 10/19/2020 4:25 AM, Joe Webb via wrote:
We need some helpers in processing many of these reels. While we find some items that fell out of circulation or were never widely circulated in this collection that is mainly from the late 1960s through the 1970s, there are many upgrades to be had. A Suspense episode, for example, that has circulated for years with clipped ending and no credits with a bad sounding music patch at the end, is here in all of its fullness, unedited, and unpatched.

We could use a Vic & Sade fan with reel decks who can transfer files to wavs and then send them onto someone else who can do the sound processing. V&S episodes in this collection are often not dated and have poor plot descriptions. I think once these are transferred and sound processed these episodes can get a good upgrade.

This person seemed to like recording Notre Dame football games and some other sports. And there are many musical programs. It may turn out that many of the transfers are not upgrades, but there's only one way to find out -- digitize them and put them through audio cleanup. If anyone has reel decks and is good at creating raw transfers, please volunteer if you can. We have folks who can do the audio processing as they do not have decks, and are ready to help out.

The reels are generally 1200' half track @ 7.5ips, which was the standard of the higher end collectors of the time. The squealing tapes have all transferred will with baking or with moisture depending on the kind of tape; everything seems transferable, and much of the sound is wonderful. One of the Night Beat episodes that has never been available in nice sound has been "Gusher James" and there was an extremely nice recording of it here, only a tape generation removed from the original disc recording. Three new Big Story episodes was a shocker the other day -- not a hint that these late series episodes were even available, from AFRS discs.

We could use someone who is very competent at using a document scanner and can make PDFs, and knows how to use document feeders with some mildly delicate scripts.

I still have a lot of sorting to do, so other "specialists" in various series will be needed.

More details about this collection will be coming soon, and it was the OTRR PG that played a key role in this entire enterprise that is still unfolding.

Thanks to everyone involved!!


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