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Ryan Ellett

A lot of people may have already downloaded the Hoppy set that Jim posted, but our Certified set will also be updated  with all this work he's done. So if you would like the show but in the Maintained format with the accompanying documentation, that will be coming soon through our normal channels!

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On Thursday, November 5, 2020, 03:43:19 PM CST, Jim Jones <otr@...> wrote:

I have been working on upgrading the OTRR groups Hopalong Cassidy Certified shows. 
Ryan has found and provided me a new collection of shows in addition to the Certified Series. Approximately 30% of these shows were determined to be better copies than the Cert Series.
I have replaced the OTRR collection with these better quality shows
Also. many of the Certified shows had cropped or incomplete intros or endings. I have patched these shows and made ALL Hoppy shows now complete.
I have normalized many of the low volume shows. I have also adjusted the Bass and Treble on many over processed shows to make them easier and more enjoyable to listen to.
28 shows included 4-6 min of musical interludes where commercials were supposed to be inserted. I cropped these interludes making those show more continuous to listen to.

To complete the series with better quality shows, I would like to replace 6 of the lowest quality shows. These are shows which I only rate FAIR quality. I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with better quality shows for the following episodes.
Episode 25 - The Medicine Man
Episode 26 - The Flying Outlaw
Episode 42 - Hoppy Pays a  Debt
Episode 43 -  Hoppy Turns on the Heat
Episode 51 - The Mystery of the Diamond 'Z'
Episode 68 -  Stagecoach West

Thanks in advance.
A Hoppy Fan

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