Re: Need Volunteers with reel to reel decks for a potential large reel purchase

Ian Grieve

Wouldn't they already have been digitised?


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From: David Oxford <deojao@...>
Date: 14/11/20 1:11 am (GMT+10:00)
Subject: [Special] [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Need Volunteers with reel to reel decks for a potential large reel purchase

Old Time Radio Researchers
I need to see if there is any interest in attempting to purchase abot 3700 reels from Radioarchives. I've been in contact with the Purchasing Group but very few members have a functioning reel to reel deck. I'm now asking the main group for volunteers. I need members will reel to reel decks that are interested in digializing reels of interest from this collection.

The reels have been stored at Radio Archives since being purchased in 2006. I’m assured the reels are in good shape and are of high quality. There are about 3700 with an asking price of $3700. The reels that can be shipped in about 100 boxes of 37 reels for about $17/box. The cost of media mail is therefore $1700. The total is $5400. I can probably get a little discount by offering to pay off the reels  rather than pay them off over 2 years.

Here’s an email I received asking for more information on the reels:
Hi David,
I bought the collection from Radio Showcase in 2005 or 2006. Steve Keletz was an old time dealer and traded with all the top dealers to assemble this collection during the 1980s and 1990s.I was not given an inventory of the main collection. There is a sub collection which is referred to as the Stan Falk collection. I’m not sure how Steve acquired this part of the collection but it is the gem of the collection. Stan was one of the California collectors who did his own transfers from transcription discs in the 1960s and 1970s. This collection is catalogued in a 3 ring binder and will be sent to the buyer of the reels. [Estimated 300 reels]

Radioarchives address is 1402 S Kahuna Dr, Spokane Valley, WA 99212-3258

I would like someone who could pick up the reels and be the manager of their ultimate disbursement. If no one is available to pick them up, they can be sent media mail for about $17 a box of 37. I don’t have room for 100 boxes of reels in my house. I won’t and can’t digitalize 3700 tapes. If you could take a portion of the reels let me know. Perhaps you could take 5 boxes or 10 boxes. Perhaps 20 of us can take reels and disburse them.

The main problem I see are these reels will duplicate many already existing files and may not be an upgrade. Separating the wheat from the chaff with be the problem. The hope is to find some upgrades and some "lost" recordings.

If you can only store reels, you’d be requested to mail some reels to a collaborator with a reel to reel deck. (Surely someone can help!) You’d be reimbursed media mail for sending. You should have a cool, dry space, preferably air-conditioned
 to store the reels. 
Whoever ends up with the reels may own them.
Please post general questions or comments to the group.

If you can pick up the reels, store and/or mail to others, or have a functioning reel to reel deck please email me directly. I need to make a decision about purchasing the reels. I've procrastinated long enough.

If there aren't enough volunteers I'll have to stop my attempts to purchase this collection.
David Oxford, moderator OTRR Purchasing Group

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