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Larry Maupin

Thank you Ryan.  When Paul posted a message inviting members to try their hand at curating a collection I was immediately interested.  Working on the first one was a learning experience, and I had to delete several episodes that I had already digitized due to poor sound quality or because I decided that the content was not very interesting.  But after I finished my part I sent everything to Paul, who completed the process and now the collection is in the library, all dressed up with an attractive design and format and ready for listeners.

I did notice that the episodes must be listened to in sequence, or at least that was my experience when I clicked on Paul's link this morning and took a test drive.  Perhaps we should add a message so that browsers will not be discouraged if, for example, they try to listen to a Crime Classics episode first and find that they cannot.  Or maybe Paul can adjust the settings so that any program can be heard by just clicking on it.

I encourage other members to curate a collection of their own.  It does not have to be a large one, just something with a common theme involving episodes that you love and would like to share with the world.  They may already have been digitized and may already be in the OTRR Library collection.  What matters is the arrangement of shows into a unique grouping that will differentiate the collection from others and appeal to the imagination of potential listeners.

I am already working on another such project.  If anyone wants to curate a collection and would like to benefit from my experience in doing the first one, just send me a message and I promise to reply promptly.

Thanks again Ryan for all the support and encouragement you give to everyone in the group.



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Congratulations, Larry! I know you've been working very hard on this new curated set idea for most of the year.

The Old Time Radio Researchers
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On Saturday, November 14, 2020, 04:41:13 AM CST, Paul Kornman via <pkornman@...> wrote:

Larry Maupin has researched a set of episodes called "Dramatizations of Famous Murder Cases, Trials and Unsolved Mysteries on Radio Programs".
This set has been become OTRR's first Curated Collection:
Let us know what you think of the specific set as well as the idea of member-generated curated sets.

Larry Maupin

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