Listener Reports Number 41 and 42

Larry Maupin

XLI. Program: Pretty Kitty Kelly

Broadcast Date: April 16, 1940

Sponsor: Wonder Bread and Hostess Cakes

Episode Title: "Getting Ready for the Movie" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme from "Kerry Dance," then "The makers of Wonder Bread and Hostess Cakes present 'Pretty Kitty Kelly'."  Then a commercial for Hostess Butterscotch Loaf (a cake).  "Just fifteen cents makes twelve generous slices."

Summary: Several people are gathered "in the living room of Mrs. Mullin's house."  All those invited by Kitty for the showing of the rushes of a new motion picture are on hand.  Edwin Wilde has been murdered.  Kitty has told Oliver Jensen that she plans "to show him the murderer of his brother Edwin Wilde tonight,"  Then she tells Mrs. Mullins that "the murderer appears on the screen."

Conclusion: A film begins to roll and the people in the living room watch intently.  A voice then says "Events that led to the murder of Edwin Wilde on May 21st, 1934."  Then "At last the all-important picture flashes on the small screen that Dennis has set up at one end of Mrs. Mullins's living room.  And the murderer is in the audience!  What thoughts are going through his or her mind as the film unreels?  Who, in short, killed Edwin Wilde?"

Notes: (1) This is a much better episode than the one dated March 9, 1939; it is suspenseful and chilling; (2) The audio quality is only fair.  Both of the recently acquired episodes of this soap opera would benefit from some additional sound editing.

XLII. Program: The Right To Happiness

Broadcast Date: May 21, 1942

Sponsor: Commercials deleted (the episode is nine minutes in length)

Episode Title: "Carolyn's Murder Trial Ends" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: "And now, 'The Right To Happiness'.  Then theme music.  Then "I am the past; invisible, unseen and yet the living, whispering fate.  You've heard my voice on sleepless nights when the shadows seemed filled with nightmare forms and phantoms, Ghosts from yesterday.You've heard my voice and you've had to listen.  Even as Carolyn had to listen lying awake last night and staring into the darkness.  Living again the past, one scene etched indelibly in her mind."

Summary: Carolyn Kramer has shot her former husband Bill Walker and is now being tried for his murder.  She waits in her jail cell while the jury deliberates,  She is pregnant, and envisions "a lifetime in prison" and her child being born there.  Then a matron comes into her cell to take her to court, telling her "The jury has reached a verdict."  The jurors file in and the judge orders Carolyn to rise and face them.  What will the verdict be?

Conclusion: "Carolyn, standing alone.  But not alone, for the past is her companion.  The past who walks with all of us as we seek our right to happiness."  Then closing theme music.

Note: The sound quality is a little tinny, but that could be due in part to the frequent echoing of The Voice of Fate in Carolyn's thoughts.  Overall, a good encode.  

Larry Maupin

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