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Joe, I don’t have any equipment but I am willing to acquire the needed equipment to help.  I just have no reel knowledge.  Can you share with me directly what equipment I would need in order to digitize some tapes?

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 I will donate money via PayPal to help this effort. Please send me an email address for this. 

I wish you the best with this. I don’t have any hardware to help with. 

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My understanding is that this is similar to the Hehn collection that we are working on now.

There is a portion of the reels that are vintage from a collector in the 1960s that may have been digitized as they appeared in other collections over the years. But this is a chance to use our modern tools to transfer these recordings from disc or very early generation using modern tools.

There are other parts of the collection that are from the newer era of reels (late 1970s, 1980s) that are early generation that can replace many of the bulk digitizations that were done in the 1990s.

Throughout the collections that are older, there are many recordings that have fallen out of circulation because of sound quality that can now be adjusted when they could not be fixed before (prior to our digital tools) or because the collectors who had them stopped trading (because of interest or their passing away or their trading contacts doing the same).

There will be much in these reels that is already out -- which is why Tom B acquired them years ago as backup -- but this is a clean slate of opportunity for many of the recordings.

This is why acquiring this collection has to be carefully done and it must be realized that there may not be many new or rare recordings. But now they can be digitized in better formats (FLAC vs mp3) from good recordings with better processing. This could be a step forward in sound quality for hundreds and hundreds of programs.

This is a risk -- financially and workwise -- which is why acquiring it as a group is wiser than as an individual to disperse the risk and the tasks.

I've been encouraged by the groundswell of work being done on the Hehn collection (which was obtained basically for transportation and storage costs). The Hehn collection had the bonus of a lot of hard copy items, such as scripts and OTR fanzines that have not been seen for decades. This purchase from Tom B is somewhat different, but there is a portion of it that is from the Hehn time period -- in fact, the catalog of that collector -- Stan Falk -- is in Hehn's papers and there are reels that he got from him on 1200' tape at 7.5ips -- the standard for the time. They are disc dubs and they sound great, even better with digital processing!

Yes it is risky, as I know that in my Suspense work that sometimes I get less than a 1 in 10 hit of an improvement in sound or a different format, but it is an opportunity for other series that have not gotten this much attention.

I have volunteered transfer and processing time for this acquisition if it is made.

There is another factor -- we need to get more volunteers involved and to develop their skills in transferring audio. Reel decks are getting harder to find, and if more people can make efforts to find them, even in their neighborhoods from families who have just stored them away, it can create many more hands to make lighter work.

I'm skeptical of managing the physical size of the purchase, but it can be done with the right planning and the right recruitment.


Marc Olayne

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