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Larry Maupin

Gord, thank you for your very kind comments.  As you will see in Paul's message, he has already corrected the typo.  If you try listening to an episode and would not mind, please post a message relating your experience.



From: "Gordon Johansen"
Sent: Saturday November 14 2020 10:42:07PM
Subject: Re: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] OTRR Curated Collections

Since I know Larry would want this to be perfect, I'll just mention that the first show has a spelling mistake that shows up above the player that pops up when you click the title.

Unwritten Law
The Case of the Ladies Diretory

Thanks a lot for this Larry. It looks great.


Paul Kornman via wrote on 11/14/20 3:41 AM:

Larry Maupin has researched a set of episodes called "Dramatizations of Famous Murder Cases, Trials and Unsolved Mysteries on Radio Programs".
This set has been become OTRR's first Curated Collection:
Let us know what you think of the specific set as well as the idea of member-generated curated sets.

Larry Maupin

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