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Larry Maupin

Hi Barbara.  Thank you for verifying that only the first five can be heard.  Also, the fact that you can only access the collection by clicking on the link in Paul's email reflects my experience exactly.  And thank you for reporting the typo in the title of Altick's book.  I had not noticed it, and when Paul sees your message I think he will correct it.

On the matter of linking the full episode summaries that I wrote to the shows, that is something we considered placing in an appendix, and that could probably still be done.  Another idea was to combine the best of them into an article for submission to the November/December issue of The Old Radio Times.  I will ask Paul whether he would rather have them in an appendix to the collection or in an article submitted to Ryan.

Your posts are always so good!



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Larry, I checked the collection. You are correct, only the first five can heard. You can listen to them in any order you choose and can download them by right clicking on the audio file. Also, the only way I could find the collection was to find Paul's email that had the link. When I tried to use the search function neither your name nor curated set came up. And lastly there is another typo in the last line of the description:

"..Victorian Studies in Scarlet: Murders and Manners in the Ago of Victoria." I think that should the AGE of Victoria.

I'd like to make one suggestion, too. Can the articles you've written about each episode be linked to the shows?


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Thank you for correcting the typo Paul.  I had not thought of downloading the collection as a whole either, but I do think it is a good idea to offer that option.

As for listening to individual episodes, my experience is that they can only be listened to in sequence starting with the Unwritten Law program at the top of the list and moving down one at a time.  This morning after reading your message I was able to hear the first five, but when I got to the sixth (This Is Your FBI) I could not hear it or anything on the list below it.  Also, I first tried listening to one or two episodes far down on the list but they would not open.  

So I do not find it to be my experience that someone can just click on any episode in the collection and hear it immediately, or now even listen to more than the first five in sequential order.  But you distinctly write that "You can click on the shows in any order.  Just click on the show's row in the table and the audio player will load it."  So apparently one of us is wrong, and I hope it is me.  I can always listen to them on my flash drive, but other members and the general public may not have that option

To other members, I hope some of you will give this a try and report on your experience.  Just attempt to listen to FBI In Peace and War, for example, by clicking on its line and you can hear the stirring theme music at the very beginning.  Then post a message as to whether you succeeded, or on anything else you discovered while trying to get audio within the set.

One final thought, Paul.  I visited the library website and attempted to find the collection as any browser might do, especially those who enjoy old-time radio.  I did not see it there.  In one of your earliest posts on the subject you envisioned something like having a category of Curated Collections that would be visible to browsers with possibly a brief description indicating that it is new and might be of interest.  A good idea, I think, but I see nothing at all on the website about the collection.


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Typo Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

To other points - You can click on the shows in any order. Just click the show's row in the table and the audio player will load it.

There was no thought (at least on my part) to download the collection as a whole. I'll think about that.
On the other hand, if you right-click the audio player, you should get a "Save Audio As..." option so you can save that individual file.

- Paul

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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