Listener Reports Number 47 and 48

Larry Maupin

XLVII. Program: The Romance of Helen Trent.  

Broadcast Date: February 6, 1939

Sponsor: Commercials deleted.

Episode Title: "Michael Is Back With Julie" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music, then "Again, 'The Romance of Helen Trent'."

Summary: The entire episode takes place at Helen's penthouse apartment in Hollywood.  She has been hired to design the costumes for a forthcoming Broadway play.  She shares the apartment with actress Julie Downey, who is to be the ingenue lead in the play.  Julie is in love with Michael Fallon, an "eminent portrait painter" who has just returned from Ireland.  Julie is blissfully happy, and Michael has told her that now that he is back in America he wants to create a world just for the two of them.

What Julie does not know is that Michael has told Helen that he is no longer in love with Julie, and that he has developed romantic feelings for Helen herself.  

Conclusion: Helen tells Agatha, "I know there's heartbreak ahead for Julie, and I'm a little afraid there's trouble ahead for me."  Then closing theme music.

Note: The audio quality is very good.

XLVIII. Program: Rosemary

Broadcast Date: Friday, July 12, 1946

Sponsor: Ivory Snow (for dishes)

Episode Title: "Bill Learns About His Mother" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music, then a commercial for Ivory Snow.  "And now Ivory Snow brings you 'Rosemary'."

Summary: At a hospital in Springdale.  Rosemary Dawson's husband Bill Roberts suffers from a rare form of amnesia which causes him to remember only the past (including his first wife and daughter), but nothing about the most recent four years, not even Rosemary.  He wants to return to his home town of Meadville, more than one thousand miles away, to try to pick up the threads of his lost years.  Since he is confined to the hospital and can't go Rosemary, whom he recognizes only as a kind nurse, offers to go for him.

Conclusion: Another Commercial for Ivory Snow.  Then "Ivory Snow invites you to listen Monday to 'Rosemary', written by Elaine Carrington.  This is Harry Clark asking you to remember for speedier dishwashing, for snow-white hands, it's wonderful Ivory Snow."  

Notes: (1) Elaine Carrington also created "Pepper Young's Family" and "When a Girl Marries"; (2) The audio quality is fair.

Larry Maupin

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