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Ryan Ellett

Jackie, thanks for the offer but I got a taker already.

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I will try to do the Bio of Tallulah Bankhead if you would like me to.  I
will try to find the information for you and put it in letter form.


There seemed to be interest in updating The Big Show when I mentioned it
> in passing a few weeks back. I reaffirmed with Martin Grams that we can
> use the recordings he provided to those who Kickstarted his book a couple
> years ago. It contains every episode (1-58) plus an additional AFRS
> version of one episode.
> My question for volunteers; are people willing to help update the
> documents we like to include in a Maintained set? There was very little in
> the prior release (2012). I think a bio of Tallulah Bankhead and a series
> synopsis at a minimum would be appreciated.  Can I get two people to help
> with those documents, one apiece? If I end up having to do both it will
> really add a chunk of time to the project.
> Ryan

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