Re: Purchase of the Steve Keletz reel to reel collection from Radioarchives

Max Schmid

I bought hundreds of CDs of the Kelez collection from Martin Grams, and have been ripping them slowly and irregularly. However it might save a lot of work to compare what I have to the reels before doing them over again. Martin apparently ripped them all too, don't know if he'd like to share them.

What I bought from him had been picked over at the MANC convention,so there are gaps in what was apparently a complete run of many popular series. I also didn't take a lot of the comedy shows, but do have fairly complete runs of Gunsmoke, Whistler, etc. The Gunsmokes are better than anyone else's, including Radio Archives.

Frankly I'm still sorting these CDs out, and it could take me months to rip them all.

It just seems to me that it might save a lot of dubbing to use Kelez's own CDs already made as he was selling them.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 7:46 AM David Oxford <deojao@...> wrote:

The Old Time Radio Researcher’s Group has purchased the Steve Keletz reel to reel collection from Radioarchives.

Tom Brown, the CEO of Radioarchives would like to start shipping the approximately 100 Banker’s boxes by 3PM central time today

Would those individuals with decks and able to digitalize reels email me personally and indicate how many boxes of reels you want sent to you directly from Radioarchives. I'll need your shipping address for media mail. The boxes weigh 35 lbs and have 46 reels per box. The cost for media mail postage is $21.10 per box.

Additionally, would any members in the Seattle region contact me personally if you could hold some reels for our Canadian members that could pick them up. 

David Oxford


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