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Jim Jones

Here is a footnote from Jerry Haendiges site. This pertains to the Jeff Chandler series entitled “The new Adventures of Michael Shayne”
88215B   "THE CASE OF THE HAUNTED          2  07-22-48  :25:22  Frank Lovejoy.  Note: There were only
         BRIDE"                                                 26 syndicated episodes ever produced.
                                                                These episodes were aired over many
                                                                different stations, days and times
                                                                beginning May of 1948.  The 1949
                                                                Mutual series is the only run we've
                                                                been able to varify actual dates using
                                                                AFRS records and our run of
                                                                transcription discs.  This series was
                                                                used in the original Mutual order for
                                                                the AFRS series.
The dates on his log for “The New Adv of Michael Shayne” predate the dates on episodes I have. His run from 07-22-48 to 10-29-49. The dates in my collection run almost 1 year later 05-07-49 to 10-29-49. These are probably the dates from the 1949 mutual series mentioned above. As the show was in syndication we will probably get many different dates for the same show.
As I previously mentioned, I think that it would clarify the listings if we listed the shows by actor (like Sherlock Holmes) instead of grouping them all together.
  • 1945-47 Michael Shayne, Private Detective (Walley Maher)
  • 1948- 49 The New Adventures of Michael Shayne (Jeff Chandler)
  • 1950 – ? The Adventures of Michael Shayne (Vincent Howard)
My collection contains 29 Wally Maher and 26 Jeff Chandler episodes. All in Excellent quality
I have 1 Vincent Howard episode VG qual

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OTRR has not done a release of this series; might be a fun project for someone to take on!
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On Thursday, November 19, 2020, 07:50:47 AM CST, Jim Jones <otr@...> wrote:
I do not know if it is a rebroadcast or someone had dated it incorrectly. I listened to the intro (The announcer says “The Case of the Bayou Monster” and tested a couple of spots in the middle. It is exactly the same as MS 49-08-20 (016) TCOT Bayou Monster. The 1949 show I have is MUCH better quality.
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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Michael Shayne unknown show
I think I may have a show that is not on any list I have checked for Michael Shayne. If anyone can confirm or clarify my reality on this please let me know.   It is attached below. 
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