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I also would be interested in both


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Hi, I would be interested in both!


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I have received one request for my Michael Shayne radio shows. I have uploaded them and they are available on the cloud.

In addition to the radio shows I also have the 7 Lloyd Nolan "Michael Shane Movies" which I will be glad to share if anyone wants them. Nolan plays Shayne not as a gritty hard-boiled detective, but a little more light hearted. These are fun movies to watch.
  • 1. Michael Shayne, Private Detective (1940).avi   
  • 2. Sleepers West (1941).mp4 
  • 3. Dressed to Kill (1941).mp4  
  • 4. Blue, White And Perfect (1942).mp4  
  • 5. The Man Who Would Not Die (1942).mp4   
  • 6. Just Off Broadway (1942).mp4       
  • 7. Time to Kill (1942).mp4   

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