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Larry Maupin

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for your message and for your kind words about my participation in the group.  Tomorrow morning I expect to post the final two listener reports on the project I have been working on with Ryan.  This has involved the listening to and writing reports on 63 episodes, and has taken me more than a month to complete.

I have been hoping to work on one of your projects next, but would like to start with something of a shorter duration, at least at the beginning.  The only issue is that while I love radio soap operas, I do not much enjoy OTR comedy shows.  So if you are working on any other programs and need someone to write full listener reports on them or even just episode summaries or to check for spots that need sound editing, one or more of those might be a better match for me.

If you just need help on Duffy's at this time, how about starting with 14 episodes?  I think those shows are 30 minutes long, and I can do one every day for two weeks and then we'll see where we are and proceed from there.  I can start on Duffy or anything else you want me to do as soon as I get the episodes from you.

I will look for another message from you letting me know what you think and how you want to proceed.  

Best regards,



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Hi Larry.

I cannot answer your questions on the page stuff but I want to acknowledge your detailed work and time you are spending on group stuff.

I am really liking both Archie and Clifford Finnegan on Duffys Tavern. They are a blast!

Although Archie isn't a comedian the writing makes for so many belly laughs on that show. They along with me. Duffy make a fabulous team.

I vote Archie. The dialogue is superb and will not disappoint.

That being said, I and several members have been listening to DT for certification. It's a bit slow going. All shows we have have been listened to now abd we are ready for seconds.

Are you interested? If so I will send you chunks of shows.

I see you are diligent!

Let me know and thanks!

Mike from Medford

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 8:12 AM, Larry Maupin
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Hello to all.  I am wondering what happened to all the links that used to be on the left side of the home page.  Since they have disappeared, I do not see how to access the database, files, profiles of other members, or even a link to create a new poll.  My current project of writing listener reports on sixty-three of the newly acquired episodes published by Ryan in the January/February issue of "The Old Radio Times" will be completed tomorrow morning, and I am thinking of putting up a new poll on the funniest old-time radio character if I can do so.

Will someone please either post a message to all members and/or reply to this one with an answer about what happened to the links, and especially how any member can create a new poll?

Thank you very much.


Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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